Carbon Emissions per kilometre

Research in the field suggests that calculations should be based on 1 person travelling in the car. A study by BRANZ (2003) found that 'CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre for a 1.6litre petrol car are 0.21Kg (one person) (Vale,2001). Therefore, for every kilometre travelled in an average car (1.6litre) with only one occupant, 0.21kg of CO2 is emitted' (BRANZ Study Report, 2003, p. 4).

Wendekreisen vehicles are larger than passenger cars, carry a greater load and often more than 1 passenger. It is not in the interest of Wendekreisen to research a scientifically accurate number in this regard and it was therefore decided to take a realistic guess relating to carbon emissions. It should be mentioned that studies relating to CO2 emissions in private cars do not assume maintenance schedules and engine tuning to the standard of rental car enterprises. Wendekreisen operates extremely thorough maintenance and engine tuning schedules. It may therefore be assumed that CO2 emissions in Wendekreisen vehicles are proportionately lower than emissions in private passenger vehicles.

Taking into consideration servicing schedules, low emission fleet vehicles with catalyst converter and engine sizes averaging 2500CC, there is a general consensus amongst staff that vehicles operated by Wendekreisen incur 0.27kg CO2 emissions per kilometre travelled.



It is unpractical and unreliable to measure and record the distance travelled by each car or camper hire. Historical data shows that Wendekreisen vehicles are rented for 200 days per year, travelling a distance of no more than 38.000 kilometres. It is therefore fair to suggest that Wendekreisen vehicles will not travel any more than 200 kilometres per rental day.

In order to simplify labour intensive processes, Wendekreisen has decided to apply the following calculation:

  • Each rental day will accumulate a carbon offset of 200 kilometres distance
  • Wendekreisen will offset 0.27Kg CO2 emissions per kilometre travelled = 54Kg per 200km/Day (i.e. a 10 day hire will offset 540Kg in CO2 emissions)
  • The same calculation will apply to all Wendekreisen vehicles regardless of size
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