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Please note: Pickup or return to Picton or other locations incurs a relocation fee of $550. Pickup or returns outside of business hours or on public holidays will also attract a surcharge.


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Koru Campervans and Motorhomes

Koru Star 6 Freedom
Koru Star 4 Freedom
Koru Star 3 Freedom
Koru Star 2 Freedom
Koru Star 2ST Walkthrough
Koru Star 2ST Premium
Koru Star 2ST
Koru 6 Berth
Koru 2 Berth ST
Koru 2+1 Berth

Budget Campervans

Budget 6 Berth
Budget 4 Berth
Budget 2+1 Berth Premium
Budget 2+1 Berth
Budget 2 Berth
Stationwagon + Roof Tent

Rental Cars



Child / Booster Seat - (NZ$25 per rental) Read More
GPS System - (NZ$5 per day, min charge NZ$60 and max charge NZ$100 per hire)
Snow Chains - $75 per hire
2nd Child / Booster Seat - (NZ$25 per rental)
3rd Child / Booster Seat - (NZ$25 per rental)

 Camping Kit - (Rental cars only, NZ$150 per rental, includes tent, sleeping bags, small LPG cooker and picnic set)

--- $60NZ charge extra for pick up or return outside business hour


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